Friday, June 27, 2008

The Road into Zion

It only takes a couple hours to drive from Bryce to Zion. When you enter the east entrance of the park you begin one of the most beautiful drives ever. You start curving between these red rock formations that are covered with checkerboard and swirling markings. Quite amazing! You travel through 2 tunnels, the second of which is a mile long and actually has windows in it that let you peak out to the view on the other side.

And then when you emerge from the second tunnel the view literally explodes upon you - huge rock mountains! The road delicately twists and turns its way down the side of the cliffs until you are on the floor of the Zion valley, looking up at these monster mountains.

We actually went back and did this drive another time on the next day and I took some little video clips to try to capture the magic of this drive. Not sure how magical it will appear to you through the dirty bug smeared windshield, but perhaps it will give you a little taste of this wonderful drive.

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