Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grand Canyon Sunset

Staying at the north rim of the Grand Canyon was a wonderful experience. We made reservations for the national park lodges for this trip a year in advance. The Lodge and the cabins here are the only housing for 40 miles, so it is much less crowded than the south rim.

We had a 2 room Pioneer cabin that looked like it was made from Lincoln logs. The cabins had a view of the rim, only there were trees in front of the view - I say chop down the trees so we can see the canyon! The historic cabins were built in the 30's I believe and were a bit rustic but comfortable.

We ate dinner in the stunning dining room with the high beamed ceilings and were seated right by the window. What a view! After dinner we sat on the porch which is right on the rim and relaxed. (My favorite picture of the trip, I think!)

Rick walked out to this little point that stuck out into the canyon and I got some great pictures of him. (I tried to go out there as well, but the drop off was pretty intense and my fear of heights got the better of me!)

We sat for quite a while and watched the sunset light reflect off the canyon walls. It was amazing to watch the changes in the colors and shadows.

I have posted many more pictures of the Grand Canyon at Flickr - here is the link if you want to see them all.

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Jenn here: said...

Gorgeous photos of an amazing national treasure!


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