Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Bloom - June 11, 2008

In about another week or two the garden should be filled in, but right now it seems a bit wilted and soggy. We had a cool start to the season and I kept some flowers in the garage for several days, so I lost some blossoms, especially on my geraniums. Then last week it got very hot and then very rainy. The peonies and chive blossoms turned into a soggy mess before I could get a good picture. At least the grass is green!

These white flowers are in my neighbor's yard and they are dripping over my fence. Anyone know what they are?

I always plant different kinds of thyme in this terra cotta jar. I love how itflows out of the openings. It already is lush and I've used it for cooking.

I finished my first book of the summer, the Caldecott Medal book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. The story is partly told through stark and stunning pencil drawings. I enjoyed it - it captured Paris in the 1030s and was mysterious and sweet and was an easy read.

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Veldman Photo said...

I would love to show you some stuff... you are too funny! I'm not sure how good of a teacher I am, but I am totally up for it! I have a busy next 2 weeks but the last week of June would work for me. You name a time/place and I'm there! :)


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