Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shipshewana Part 1 - the Flea Market

Taking a trip to Shipshewana, Indiana is one of my summer traditions. My friend Jenni and I usually make it there for a shop-til-you-drop day of fun. Sometimes we stay overnight, but this year we went for just one long day. It takes about 3 hours to get there from metro Detroit, so we leave early and return home late. We now have our shopping routine down, and I thought I'd share in a series of shorter posts some of the fun things that we usually do.

Last week we drove down on a Tuesday for my last fling before returning to school. We always go on Tuesday or Wednesday so we can first hit the flea market. Now the flea market is hot, dusty, crowded, row after row of cheap, junky, AND wonderful goods. There used to be more collectables and antiques, and there still are some. Now it has a little bit of everything - household goods, plants, jewelry, tools, rugs, doodads, t-shirts..... We always are amused to find out what the new hot item is at the booths - this year there were a lot of cheap high thread count sheet sets and packages of brightly colored bras 4 for 20 dollars!

I always check out the purses,

and the sunglasses

and the cheap watches (2 for 20 dollars, cheaper than buying new batteries!)

It's always interesting to see the mix of Amish dress, bikes, and buggies along the roads and in the flea market and the shops. (I tried to sneak a few pictures, they don't like having pictures taken.) Here's a picture from the road by the flea market:

In my next post I will share some pictures of my flea market purchases!

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corry said...

This post brings back some lovely memories. I've been in Shipshewana once in '93. I was there two days during my first vacation to the us.
From that day on I have a special love for simple plain quilts.
Thanks for sharing!


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