Friday, August 22, 2008

Windowstill Garden

My friend Sally is my inspiration for these pictures. In the summer she usually has small vases on her windowsill with a few small stems of flowers from her garden. I have followed her example with some antique bottles and some of the zineas from my garden.

To take the pictures, I was experimenting using my 200 mm zoom and taking the pictures from a distance and zooming in close. It creates that nice blurry background that makes the things that you focus on pop out. (Unfortunately, it didn't blur out the spots on the windows! Seriously, I just cleaned them!) I don't have this trick mastered, so I'll want to experiment some more, but I think it added a nice look.

Here's my other window with some colorful leaves in vases. I really like how the light plays on the bottles.


Sally said...

My favorite kind of vases

Clever Karen said...

I know, you are my inspiration!


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