Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shipshewana Part 7 - Antique Shopping

There are two places I love to go for antiques in Shipshewana. One is in the downtown area, and I don't know the name, so sorry, it wasn't in any of the brochures or online information I checked. It is an old rustic store, it smells a bit musty like an old attic, and has wonderful items that probably DID come from some musty old farmhouse. Some things that caught my attention:

Big box of pictures - one dollar each. I follow some blogger/crafters that I know would do very creative things with these!

I never knew there were so many kinds of oil cans. It made me want to start a collection!

These blocks are so cute! And the floor was such a perfect background!

I also think the antique market (which is across from the Flea Market) is excellent. There are lots of booths with an eclectic variety of items.

Ooh, all these quilts at the top of the stairs! Close ups here and here.

This big basket was packed with vintage feed sacks! Very expensive!

Next post, Yoder's Department Store.

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