Friday, August 29, 2008

Shipshewana Part 8 - Yoder's Department Store

Yoder's is a "modern" department store for things Amish and more. Need a hat, apron, shovel, Amish rocker, or a non-nonelectric kitchen gadget? This is the place to look. They have a mixture of new goods that you'd expect in a store from 30 years ago, and they DO have electricity! It's fun to wander around, but I mostly go to look at the fabric. The fabric used to be significantly cheaper than you'd find anywhere else - now it is similar in price to other places - but they still have a great selection.

I love how they arrange their fat quarter collections in these cute little stars!

And this was my purchase - this book filled with the coolest apron patterns and ideas!

One more stop before we leave for home - a family style Amish dinner!


Anonymous said...

I want one for Christmas :)

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

What a great store! Fabric is my weakness - I just can't help myself. The fat quarters are awesome! I like what you said on your side bar about being creative!


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