Saturday, August 23, 2008

Swiss Fruit Yogurt

Every summer, when fruit is at its summer best, I make a big bowl of this yogurt to eat for breakfast and lunch. I call it "Swiss" yogurt because I learned to make it from a Swiss woman when I was on a mission trip in France. I still remember being served this gloppy looking yogurt and being quite skeptical about tasting it. But we found it tasted just fine, and we ended up making it throughout the trip as a dessert.

It tastes especially good if the peaches are sweet and juicy. During the trip we went to an orchard where a farmer let us pick peaches that were ripe on the trees. We spent an entire afternoon peeling peaches which were canned, juiced, and turned into jam that could be used in the camp where we were working during the winter. Nothing matches those fresh peaches in this yogurt!

This is a no measure recipe - just toss in what you like! Other fruit such as strawberries works, too, but I especially like the combination of peaches and green grapes this time of the year. And the addition of the oatmeal is what makes it look a bit gloppy, so leave it out if you desire.

Swiss Fruit Yogurt

1 carton plain yogurt (I usually use non-fat)
2 peaches, peeled and sliced
green grapes
about 1/8 cup uncooked oatmeal
sugar to taste, a couple spoonfuls
juice of half a lemon

Mix together. Top with slivered almonds to serve.

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Melissa said...

some muesli, such as Kashi, is good with this type of mixture, too!

I often eat muesli, a sliced banana, and either yogurt or milk mixed together. European Yum! :)


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